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No one should be for sale

Human Sex Trafficking is a worsening problem in our community. Together we are making a difference as we empower one precious women at a time to break free from the bondage of this darkness.

How Human Sex Trafficking Happens in Our Community

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Lured by promises of money, clothes, material possessions.

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Kids as young as 12 sold by their parents for drug money.

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Abducted and threatened punishment if she tries to escape.

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“Boyfriend” control. Pushes her to sell herself to make him money.

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Moved around the country to avoid authorities and keep her isolated.

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Low self-estem. Believes she does not deserve better in life.

A Safe Place to Heal

Oklahoma has become a primary trade route for transporting human sex trafficking victims across the country. We’ve not just seen this growing problem pass through but also stay and take root.

What used to be done at a “street” level has now become an online activity. Today it is much easier to keep these heinous transactions hidden from law officials. Our area motels and hotels represent a painful experience for many women. Each door shut behind them becomes a prison with no escape. They are threatened with their very lives if they dare escape or talk to authorities.

DaySpring Villa is the only faith based shelter in the state to be certified to provide refuge and services to adult victims of human sex trafficking. With your support, we can continue to help victims of human sex trafficking become vibrant survivors.

Human Sex Trafficking is the sexual exploitation of women through coersion and abuse for personal control or financial gain.

Since 2012, DaySpring Villa has helped

124 women

Break free from the darkness of human sex trafficking

Rachel’s Road to Freedom

Rachel (not her real name to protect her freedom) is almost 20 years old, still young in so many ways; but her life experiences have already taken her down a dark path of sexual abuse.

When she was only 14 years old, her parents, addicted to drugs, sold her to support their drug habit. She’s been sold as part of sex trafficking too many times to count.

In spite of the constant threat by her pimp to harm her if she ever dared to run away, she took a chance and told a friend she wanted out. They contacted the authorities, who brought Rachel to DaySpring Villa.

Within the safety of our shelter, Rachel found the suppport, strength, and faith to rebuild her life. Today, she is free from the only life she’s ever known of control and abuse.

DaySpring Villa is a safe haven for women like Rachel who are victims of human sex trafficking and need a safe place to heal.