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We provide for our guests a safe environment that is built on trust and respect. For women who have been wounded from domestic violence, their journey to healing begins at DaySpring Villa.

Why Do Women Stay in Domestic Violence Relationships?

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Fear of losing custody of their children if they leave.

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Isolated from family and friends who can offer support.

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A desire to keep their relationship alive.

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Humiliation and shame that make victims feel worthless.

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Fear of retaliation for herself and loved ones.

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Lack of financial means to afford life on her own.

Transforming Lives

Our Domestic Violence Program supports women and their children who need a temporary place to live as they seek refuge from an abusive home environment.  We provide a safe and secure location where our guests can rest and begin to recover.

Finding a safe shelter is more than finding a place to spend a few nights and then leaving unsupported, without the strength to make lasting changes. As long as a guest is working toward her goals, there is no limit to how long she can reside at DaySpring Villa.

In 2015, the average length of stay for our guests and their children was 94 days. This provides precious time for our guests to begin to put their lives back together. While they are with us, our guests are able to save money on expenses such as housing, food, medical and legal assistance, and basic necessities for themselves and their children. Most importantly, battered and trafficked women can find the safety and shelter they need while allowing the proper time for lasting change to occur in their lives.

Domestic violence contributes to poor health for many survivors, including chronic conditions such as heart disease or stress disorders.

Abused women have

2.5 x’s

higher rates of depression

Abusers use various means to keep control over their victims. Help us stop violence against women who are being controlled and abused daily all around us.

Together we must continue to bring this great injustice to light in our churches, neighborhoods, and community.